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TMC is a multinational organization. We are based in Ukraine, U.K and India.

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TMC Support area

Dr. Tony Sidhu

Innovative Medical equipment developer

Dr. Tony Sidhu who is heading the dealers support at TMC says::

Much is said and talked about TMC, I may not have much to say but yes... I would like to add a few words. TMC Europa Ltd. is a company firmly focused on its Mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medical Equipment that help patients recover form medical ailments easily. Around the world, our equipment help thousands of people recover from medical disorders. With a strategy to focus on our user/customers' needs, we give maximum priority to accelerate development in order to deliver cutting edge therapies that not only are easy to manage but are also lowering treatment costs by providing a maximum equipment up-time and optimizing therapeutic dose.

This working strategy is a success since the past twenty five years, our equipment are the best in the industry and outperform most other companies in terms of quality, we have delivered many ESWL equipment to users through out the world with over a million treatments carried out till date on these systems.

The R&D department at TMC is considered among the most productive departments and has many exclusives to it's credit. We now enhance our capabilities by offering new equipment in the areas including Urology, Cancer, Cardiology and Immunology.

Our success as an innovator is measured by the confidence and difference the user feels and that is when successful treatments are carried out on our equipment everyday. This re-enforces our confidence and belief in our strategy and the difference we make in the lives of patients.

For our users I must say : "You can be rest assured that by choosing a TMC device, you are getting an equipment that is the best in quality and that delivers the best possible function, reliability and results. Equipment that can take all the hard work with ease they are durable and more to the point it increases your confidence every time you use it."

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