ECP equipment.

High Responsive technology.

ECP equipment from TMC are built on a high responsive technology: Based on it's own dedicated firmware the Increased external counterpulsation IECP equipment can work flawlessly for years and do self service on its own. Treatment error and or future fault prediction are some of the abilities inbuilt..

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TMC dealers work to the best of their abilities to assist you in training and timely servicing your operation's productivity while minimizing operating costs. Thus giving you a maximum uptime of your facility. This helps you keep your business ahead of the competition, and to keep you excited about the quality products TMC Europa Ltd provides.


Gallstones form in the gallbladder, they can be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a golf ball. Gallstones are hard, pebble-like deposits most commonly made of cholesterol or else made of bilirubin.

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Gallbladder stones does not have alternative treatment options other than surgery. ESWL or lithotripsy procedure is rarely performed on gallstones, it is sometimes used on patients having chronic cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder) or who are not strong enough or fit for surgical procedure.