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4 Models

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TMC was born somewhare in the year 1988 basically to manufacture ESWL devices the therapy of which is painless to the patient. Being the first in the world to provide a painless ESWL therapy device than TMC Sold hundreds of ESWL devices the world over. Today more them 1.5 million treatments have been carried out on there ESWL devices. TMC now has many other devices in it's manufacturing list. If you need some device buy it from TMC we promise atmost satisfaction in your purchase.

TMC offers IECP.

ECP equipment from TMC are built on a high responsive technology: Based on its own dedicated firmware, the Increased external counterpulsation IECP equipment can work flawlessly for years and do self-service on its own. Treatment error and or future fault prediction are some of the abilities inbuilt..

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Recogonizing User Needs

Recognizing User Needs

Mr. Sergei Nunuparov director International Sales says ::

It is well recognized that the excesses and stresses of the modern day world that are taking, an ever-increasing effect on peoples long term health and wellbeing. So the combination of being able to use knowledge and awareness and also work with innovative products within the Health and Wellbeing Industry is a perfect match for what is being manufactured and being promoted by us at TMC Europa Ltd.

Sergei Nunuparov is a Ukrainian Citizen who has worked in the Healthcare and Wellbeing Industry for over 20 years and during that time has both travelled and lived in many countries throughout the world. During which time he has gained a wealth of knowledge about people and the lifestyles that they live and always liked to be at the cutting edge of the Industry.

It is our intention to make Hospitals and people alike aware that by using the cutting edge Medical Devises that are available now, that there are now options to look at choices of none evasive surgery, where there are time savings, monetary saving but more so than anything else the opportunity of improving personal lifestyle too.

We will be always looking at further products and equipment that can only enhance the range of equipment that we are currently supplying. Through education we strongly believe that results can be lasting and allow people to live a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle. We intend making the people that matter know that we are here to lend them the support and knowledge to genuinely help everybody.

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