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TMC Europa Ltd. researches, defines, designs, manufactures, sells and provide after sales support for therapeutic electro-medical equipment. TMC Europa Ltd. provides highly automated and efficient medical solutions and equipment without compromising the quality in exchange with price.

about TMC Europa

How we began:

TMC were established in 1990. All of our Therapeutic equipment designed and manufactured are based on an understanding that it gives a patient relief and ease of treatment. They are user and patient friendly and are cost-effective by either owning the equipment or getting a course of treatment administered.

Whilst visiting one of the medical centres in Israel performing Lithotripsy, we saw a rather disturbing kidney stone treatment being carried out by an ESWL machine. A female patient in her late thirties was on the treatment table in an anaesthetized state, Lithotripsy treatment was being carried out, and her skin at the point of the reflector contact was bruised and bleeding. We also saw a rather concerning occurrence, in that even when the patient was in an anaesthetized state, that the body jumped as every shockwave was released, to the point where two attendants were restraining her to keep her in position.


When a patient is exposed to such conditions of ESWL treatment, there is no doubt that there could be damage to the kidney and the patient would bleed heavily post lithotripsy with excessive haematuria. This was nothing short of being the equivalent to a full open surgery, except for a cut to the body. We immediately thought that this is not acceptable..... We really have to do something about this, whereupon we made it our mission to design and create a painless lithotripsy machine.

It appeared to be relatively easy... all we needed to do was create an ESWL machine that had less initial pressure, but a higher concentration at the point of focus. We created a paraboloid type of reflector with a small focal zone. This had the desired effect, and we were now able to fragment stones in vitro perfectly, but putting it into factual practice was an issue which first we had to do on an animal subject. How hard could that be? Our first priority was to find a subject, possibly a dog with a kidney stone, which actually took us 4 months to find one. We found that with just one treatment that we had managed to achieve complete success. In fact the results were so successful on this one test case, with this ESWL machine that this treatment could be used, for use on humans too. After all legal registrations and certifications were obtained, we actually administered the first human treatment in August 1991.

It was also recognized that it is essential, as with any equipment, that you constantly look at ways of improving it, as was the case with the ESWL machine and with this in mind we decided that the next piece of equipment would be called the VL-10. Equally it was extremely important that we found a manufacturer who held the same beliefs and ideas that we did, and we were extremely lucky in finding just such a Company who were also family owned too!!

All this might have sounded easy, but there was a tremendous of effort and desire to succeed on this quest, but by achieving the above was only part of our mission as a Company. The next part was the hardest and that is ensure that the patient can use an ESWL machine in the knowledge that it is painless, even to the point that there is no need for sedatives or anaesthetics too. We succeeded in that with the VL-10.

Many other manufacturers have tried to copy what we at TMC we achieved, we care about the people who use this equipment, we want lasting success that is cost-effective and also painless. We at TMC feel confident that we have created an ESWL machine in the VL-10 that is all around result driven for the people that matter the most……you, the users.

Today TMC Europa Ltd. manufacturers many type of therapeutic medical equipment in the field of Urology, Cardiology and Haematology. We have a sales and service network that is one of the best. We are supporting equipment by way of service and upgrades that are more than 23 years old.

The TMS Mission Statement:-

Our happiest moments are spent at the ESWL OPDs of the users. Living sustainably is not just about big technological or scientific innovations, it can be about the little things too! It can be as simple and easy as changing your expectations and using better products. After a lot of thought and reflection on our own lives, we at TMC feel confident that we have designed a smart and better alternative to the legacy ESWL machine. Today, we look for products that are pleasing to the eye but are also exclusive in their design and capability. TMC with its history of innovation falls into this category.

We have had over a million treatments carried out with these ESWL machines, and users faith being made stronger on a daily basis. Painless treatments of Kidney stones are being carried out by our systems every day throughout the world. We are adding new centres to our list of users daily. If you need to know anything more please register and use the option of opening a support ticket.

TMC has been working for more than 25 years with a sole and simple mission: to improve the quality of people's lives, and that is through their health and well-being. We at TMC want people to have a healthy and fulfilled life not only by providing new safe and innovative products but also to provide the latest information and services.

We have a simple mission: to help people make more of their lives by improving their medical health. Comfort Safety Security is what we focus on when providing result oriented new equipment to the service of people.

We're one of the world's leading therapeutic equipment manufacturing company, we believe that companies, like people, are Always Learning. That's because there's always room for a bit more understanding, and we at TMC are always on our toes improving and offering the latest technologies that look beyond the constraints of the medical specialism.

With broad-minded individuals from the medical field, TMC encourages them to have an unconventional approach to designing equipment. TMC is a dedicated therapeutic medical equipment manufacturing organization, and this targeted and dedicated field gives us a chance to pursue technical excellence.


    • When the company started?
      TMC was established in 1979 as a trading company. The corporation's rise to a Therapeutic Medical Equipment manufacturer of worldwide fame was laid in the year 1986 when TMC Europa Ltd. was formed with a vision of producing electronic medical equipment for Therapeutic medical application.


    • What was the first product? /When was the first product launched?
      In 1987 TMC launched its first extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter 'The TMC-10' designed to disintegrate renal calculi as an OPD procedure. It was designed to be carried out without the use of general anaesthesia. The treatments on the TMC-10 ESWL therapy system were painless and did not leave any post therapy skin cracks or scars. This ESWL was instantly a hit.


    • How many treatments carried out till date…
      Based on the statistics collected from several users of TMC ESWL systems worldwide, it is calculated that around 1.3 million successful treatments have been carried out till date.


    • Now, how many products are manufactured by the TMC ?
      Presently at TMC we are offering Shock Wave Lithotripters for treatment of Urolithiasis and Sialolithiasis, Holmium Laser for BPH and other endoscopic surgeries. IECP 'Increased External Counter pulsation' for treatment of CAD / CHF and other similar indications. 'ACMP' a solution for treatment of several indications of haematological infections.


    • How many business facilities TMC has ?
      TMC has 03 well-equipped manufacturing facilities in two countries viz Ukraine and India. To manufacture its products, TMC coordinates a global supply network combining in-house final assembly in reliance on suppliers and associates.


    • How many countries is TMC represented..
      To market its products, TMC coordinates a global dealer network that spans Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. TMC, TMC Europa Ltd. or its allies are represented in around 326 cities and places trough out the world including 17 countries.


    • What are future products coming..
      TMC Europa plans to launch two new products in 2012; these would be cardiac shock wave therapy equipment for cardiac therapeutic application and HIU system for therapeutic application in haematological infections . In due course, TMC is coming up with a new facility for manufacturing radiology diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, scheduled to be operational by first quarter of 2014.



TMC Growth Charts

Graph of Growth and investments

Over the years, TMC has constantly grown into a major player in the field of therapeutic medical equipment. TMC has developed more products, improved on quality and invested in R&D to manufacture cutting edge new products and technologies.

A graph above shows the growth and other statics of TMC.



Model TMC-IA

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Model compact

The TMC-Compact, as its name describes, is a small compact unit which has a very small footprint as compared to other ESWL therapy systems. All the subsystems are integrated into one unit and no special arrangements are required to perform ESWL therapy.
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Model TMC-X4

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