It is now more than a decade since External Counter Pulsation, ECP has been used and accepted as a method of treatment for life threatening disabilities due to CAD, CHF, and stable angina throughout the world. The  effectiveness of treating these cardio-diseases is beyond doubt a success and is well documented in the text book of cardiology and various cardiology journals.
 A randomized trial with ECP, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in 1999, showed that ECP significantly improved both the symptoms of angina (a subjective measurement) and exercise tolerance (a more objective measurement) in patients with coronary artery disease. ECP also significantly improved their 'quality of life', as compared to placebo therapy.


In one of the test cases of the Cardiology, investigators found that ECP works even better with patients who have not yet had invasive treatment for angina. Amongst patients participating in the International ECP patient trials who received ECP as a first-line therapy,instead of those receiving it only after other treatments failed, found that 89% experienced an immediate improvement in their angina, and 84% reported that the improvement continued for 6 months. This compares to a 79% improvement rate with ECP amongst patients who had already received invasive treatments.

What TMC Europa Ltd. has to say:

Our business is not just about building reliable machines, it is also about providing innovative solutions by creating a meaningful partnership with both our customers and users.

The medical industry is poised to go through major changes and TMC Europa Limited are far more aware of this than Companies in this sector.  Automation, safety, reliability, precision and speed are all major factors that play a crucial role for both the user and the patient.

In an ever changing world, with the demands of the medical service provider like doctors, are constantly moving higher, with a far greater reliance on the equipment during treatment and procedures. Creating and manufacturing reliable machines and utilising better technology all enhances the user and patients results which is just what TMC strives to achieve.

TMC have designed these unique IECP machines, utilising all the latest technology to create the most advanced equipment in the marketplace currently, in its class.  The IECP Machines which are an abreviation for, Increased External Counter Pulsation, are also called VECP, which is an abreviation of Velocity Enhanced Counter Pulsation, the SL – 200e.

The SL – 200e is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, and for TMC to achieve this, a comprehensive knowledge of the medical world was extremely important, with the SL–200e you have a combination of quality and safety to meet all those requirements.


Mental Illness, Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease  are all conditions that can be reduced by using the Increased External Counter Pulsation. It creates a form of exercising the heart, but the heart rate never increases, nor does the person do anything but lay down and relax. It helps circulation to their brain therefore rejuvenating cell and tissue damage through non-invasive therapy that lasts 35 hours, through 5 treatments a week, each one being only one hour.


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If this is of interest to you and you want to know more, why waste time, contact us today by sending us an email to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and we will be in touch with you to help with your requirements.

If you are a Doctor or a Hospital Administrator and want to know about setting up these facilities in your hospital call us today. We will be happy to supply you with IECP equipment, training and education about the IECP equipment, This is all part of our service to help you to create a professional Cardiac Insufficiency Treatment Centre.

Own an IECP, let us both develop a partnership that takes your desires, confidence and business requirements to a different level.


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Dr. Tony Sidhu


Innovative Medical equipment developer

Dr. Tony  who is heading the dealers' support at TMC says::

Much is said and talked about TMC, I may not have much to say but yes... I would like to add a few words. TMC Europa Ltd. is a company firmly focused on its mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medical Equipment that helps patients recover from medical ailments easily. Around the world, our equipment helps thousands of people recover from medical disorders. With a strategy to focus on our user/customers' needs, we give maximum priority to accelerate development in order to deliver cutting-edge therapies that not only are easy to manage but are also lowering treatment costs by providing a maximum equipment up-time and optimizing therapeutic dose.

This working strategy is a success for the past twenty-five years, our equipment is the best in the industry and outperforms most other companies in terms of quality, we have delivered many ESWL equipments to users throughout the world with over a million treatments carried out to date on these systems.

The R&D department at TMC is considered among the most productive departments and has many exclusives to its credit. We now enhance our capabilities by offering new equipment in areas including Urology, Cancer, Cardiology, and Immunology.

Our success as an innovator is measured by the confidence and difference the user feels and that is when successful treatments are carried out on our equipment every day. This re-enforces our confidence and belief in our strategy and the difference we make in the lives of patients.

For our users, I must say: "You can rest assured that by choosing a TMC device, you are getting equipment that is the best in quality and that delivers the best possible function, reliability, and results. Equipment that can take all the hard work with ease is durable and more to the point it increases your confidence every time you use it."

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Gallstones form in the gallbladder, they can be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a golf ball. Gallstones are hard, pebble-like deposits most commonly made of cholesterol or else made of bilirubin.

gallstone image

Gallbladder stones does not have alternative treatment options other than surgery. ESWL or lithotripsy procedure is rarely performed on gallstones, it is sometimes used on patients having chronic cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder) or who are not strong enough or fit for surgical procedure.